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Digitize Your Your Academy with EduSpherePro

In absence of Program Educational Objectives, it may be difficult to plan courses, syllabus and teaching learning methods. In absence of Course Objectives and Outcomes, it may be difficult to assess the effectiveness of current teaching learning process. These may prove to be obstacles in achieving continual improvements and raising bars. These are typical hurdles in achieving sustainability and improvements in Indian Academic Process. In current scenario the achievements are only result of individual student or faculty.

Digitizing academic institution can save a lot time, effort and provide additional bandwidth to faculty to focus on creative teaching. This shall benefit students directly and all other stakeholders in achieving their financial goals

  • Lead Management, SMS Marketing,
  • Academy Management
  • Student Life Cycle Management,
  • Programs, Courses,
  • Course Material,
  • Question bank,
  • Online Tests,
  • Fee Management,
  • Student Login,
  • Online Content Delivery

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