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Provider of Low Cost Highly Effective digital solutions for SMEs Businesses through IoT, Mobility, ERP, CRM and Digital Content

About us

about us

Saketsoft is software products and services company in the area of IoT, Mobility, ERP, CRM and Digital Media. Its founded in 2014 and headquartered in Mumbai, the financial capital of India. Our ERP and CRM solutions such as SalonSpherePro and EduSphere are used by Chain of Salon and Academic Institutions aspiring to impart quality education using NBA model.

We make make edge devices smart and provide cloud based analytics to control actuators. The various IoT, Mobility and ERP solutions are used by Aviation Academy, Online Tailors, IT Service Providers, Healthcare providers, Telematics Soltutions to name few. Our digitial team creates contents ranging from websites, logos, movies, interactive ads and facilitates digital marketing.


Saketsoft Technologies mission is to be next-door customized technology solution provider to SMEs. The cost, features and delivery dates must exceed customer expectations. The technology, process and commitment must keep him ahead of competition.


Saketsoft Technologies vision is to become most sought after technology solution provider for SMEs.

Sample Skills

Internet Of Things & IIoT
Web & Mobile Applications (Native, Xamarin)
UI Design & 2D 3D Animation
AngularJS, Embedded Linux,

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Developing people at times is more important than developing product.